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Why did I start this blog? #13

Why did I start this blog? #13

Chapter Ten: Broken mind. Broken body.

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He was sure that his family had been cursed.

That he was possessed my multiple Jinn.

That magic had been cast onto him and it was the cause of his illnesses and his lack of progression in life.

But he believed that he was ahead of the game because he had looked into natural remedies to help combat this hidden adversary.

As I'm writing this, I cant help but feel sorry for him.

I can see his face, aged with disappointment and despair.

He'd been coming to the clinic for many years for muscular treatment.

He would tell me about how he was feeling and what natural remedies he was taking.

He would also share with me all the deep knowledge he'd gathered in pursuit of regaining his health.

I'd always feel that there was more to his plight but I wouldn't force him to talk about things that he didn't want to.

However, a few years later he'd come in for treatment and somehow we got into the discussion of magic and jinn possession.

I shared with him my experiences and beliefs around Ruqyah, Jinn and Magic.

During this discussion he confessed to me that he believed to suffer from those things and that they, had in fact, been the reason behind his poor health.

He also revealed how he'd spent many years going for Ruqyah and that he'd feel better but that good feeling would soon fade away.

Now if you've been following my blog so far you'll know what I did next... (#1)

I dug into his story.

And to no surprise he told me he'd been used as a conduit by an Imam that practiced "White Magic". (don't get me started on that!)

That as a small boy he would sit in-between the Imam and the person to whom the Imam was channelling towards.  

At this point he went quiet, eyes now fixed on his shoes, "He would touch me during it...", he reluctantly confessed.

He went on to share how the Imam would molest him during these "Rituals".

I shared with him how these experiences shape who we are and how they also, if not remedied, have a negative impact on our health.

Our mental and physical health aren't two separate things. They both work together and effect each other.

That's why when trying to feel better and make a positive change in ones life, both things need to be worked on.

Many get this wrong.

You have to work on both.

In my next blog I'll share a great example of this applied.

I'll share with you a story of an elder, who I've actually looked up to since I was small boy. How he came to me in a frantic state. Scared and afraid. He was sure that he would die imminently if he could not find help.

I'll also share with you how I combined the use of spiritual, mental and physical healing to help him.

This event really would finalise my belief in what's wrong within our community and what needs to be done about it.

No matter how strong we may be.

No matter how long we've been strong.

If not remedied and healed.

We eventually...break.

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