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Why did I start this blog? #12

Why did I start this blog? #12

Chapter Nine: She felt powerless

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"How may I help you sister?"

"I heard that you're the person to speak to if suffering with magic and jinn possession."

"I'll do my best. What's going on?"

Now this was the conversation in which I would first ever test my theory.

Theory: those who believe to suffer from Demonic Possession, have been victim of Childhood Trauma. Demonic/Jinn possession is when another being momentarily takes over their host's body.

"Well I've been going for Ruqyah for many years and I'm not getting any better."

"What are your symptoms?"

"I keep hearing whispers and I'm always angry."

Now I ask the main question...

"What happened during your Ruqyah session?"

"The Jinn comes out."

BOOM! Ok, here we go! Because now according to my theory there must be Childhood Trauma somewhere...so I go digging.

"What are the whispers you hear?"

She goes silent. I can hear her begin to whimper.

"It tells me that my husband may be a paedophile"

"Have you any reason to suspect that it may be true?"

"No!", her sobs become louder, "He's a good man! It's me! I'm crazy!!"

Now, obviously with this admittance, I'm sure that there's more to the story.

So I dig and dig.

Until eventually...

She tells me that she had been molested multiple times by different men when she was a small girl.

You see, she'd been going for Ruqyah for many years because of this whisper and rage but hadn't connected the dots between it and her experiences. Her Trauma.

She, for good reason, didn't trust men. So it'd make sense after what she'd been through, to suspect other men of being capable of doing the same thing. Even those close to her, i.e. her husband.

Her rage and anger came from the fact that she had, at the time, felt helpless and powerless to defend herself and stop what was happening to her.

Can you see how the two are intertwined?

But unfortunately, many go countless years looking for a solution in a place where it cannot be found.

Since our conversation, now many years ago, she's made positive progress in her life and relationships and this is because she's now aware of what needs to be actually worked on.

And not spending time on treating a symptom for which there's a deeper root cause that'd been completely overlooked.

She's had no jinn/demon manifest itself since.

I have many more examples of these cases.

I will give you one more of a man who came to me sure that he was possessed and that it was the cause of his illnesses among other strange occurrences.

His story is...different to say the least!

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