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Why did I start this blog? #14

Why did I start this blog? #14

Chapter Eleven: Failure

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"I'm not well Kazim. I'm really not well. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't feel right."

These are the words he immediately said to me as I approached him outside of our local mosque.

I've admired this man since I was a small boy.

I've always seen him as a strong man.

Both mentally and physically.

However, the man that now stood before me was a shallow shadow of what he once was.

He was frail looking.




He went on to tell me that he'd been feeling this way for an exact amount of days and that nothing he'd tried had worked.

He also told me of how he'd been for Ruqyah and was told that he was possessed.

I gave him my number and told him to call me.

He called the very next morning.

We arranged that I'd go to see him the following day at his home.

When I arrived at his house, he was even worse than the last time I'd seen him.

He couldn't seem to sit still. Fidgeting every few seconds.

Scratching the back of his head. Then his chest.

His breathing short and shallow.

You'd have thought he was some kind of crack head.

I asked that his wife come sit with us so I could get a better understanding of her husband's situation.

As to be expected, I was given a list of symptoms. No root causes.

"Extreme anxiety."

"He's scared at night."

"He's not himself"

"He has toilet problems."

"He's always scared. He feels like there is something around him."

One would have thought that he was fine one day and like this the next.

When we don't look for possible root causes to a problem. We may wrongfully label such events as abnormal or even supernatural.

So I started to ask about any major events in the last couple of years.

I found out that both his parents had died within a short span of time from each other.

And that he had a major, life saving, operation.

I kept on digging. Chipping away till I got to where his pain was hiding.

He looked to his wife now crying heavily and said, "I didn't know he was going to go this deep..."

You see, as a child his parents divorced but to keep up appearances they remained in the same house. One parent would live on the top floor, the other on the bottom.

He would do all he could to keep his parents happy.

But his mother would curse him for helping his father.

When his parents died he felt as though he had failed.

Because he never managed to bring them back together.

No matter how hard he had tried.

No matter how much he sacrificed.

At this point he was crying and crying.

A grown man. An elder of our community. Crying profusely.

He shared more and more.

Until something began to change in him.

At this point, I gestured for him to pause.

"Aunty, when was the last time you saw your husband like this?"

Her husband was sitting comfortably on the sofa. One arm rested on-top of the sofa. His right foot placed snugly on his left knee.

"Uncle, notice how you're sitting. How you're feeling. How you're breathing. When was the last time you felt like this?"

The man who was now sitting on the sofa was a different man from whom I'd met when I first entered the house.

He was relaxed.

Not fidgety.


"I haven't seen him look like this in many months.", Aunty replied curiously to my question.

"You're right. I haven't felt this way in a long time.", Uncle stated.

"Did I do anything other than talk to you? Did I read anything? Do anything else?", I asked.

"No, you haven't.", he replied.

"I've been sat here across from you the whole time, right?"

They had a look of astonishment on their faces.

It had been many months since he last felt this way.

"But what about him feeling scared in the night and seeing things?", Aunty asked.

"Was he like this before or after he was told that he was possessed?"

They both paused, thinking, "It was afterwards..."

They had been so focused on the "possessed" diagnosis that they could only see their problems through that lens and as result, unintentionally, had disregarded everything else. I've seen this happen many times.

It's one of the reasons behind this blog.

Too much goes undetected once Jinn and Magic are chucked into the mix.

And that can be dangerous.  

As you can probably tell so far. He was holding in, for many years, a lot of pain.

He had been hurting for so long but kept it to himself believing he could weather through it.

Up until his mind and body rebelled against him. To the point he thought he was going to die.

I was able to help him by asking him relative questions that would allow him to release some of his pain and hurt.

This allowed him to calm down enough for him to then make sense of things.

It's not always obvious to a person why they feel and act the way they do.

So at times it can be necessary to have someone guide them through it.

Now that he was calm and relaxed.

I decided to put his mind at ease by reciting Ruqyah for him to further prove that he was not possessed by Jinn.

His feedback after the Ruqyah was that he felt even more relaxed.

Thereafter, I treated him with Hijama/Cupping which has many benefits.

One of which is relaxing the nervous system as well as refreshing the body.

By the time we'd finished, he looked like he was ready to sleep. Something he was having difficulty with.

Before leaving I gave him a set of tasks to do. As well as specific nutritional items for him to take.

He'd been on anti-depressants which can have a negative impact on gut health.

This in turn, may affect, certain hormones in the body that can cause depression and anxiety.

After a few weeks I checked up on him. He told me that he felt 50% better.

And not too long ago, I checked on him again. This time, he thanked me and also prayed for me because he now felt fine.

From  scared and anxious to calm and relaxed. A brilliant success, Alhamdulillah.

In my next blog I will share with you the case that caused me to finally speak out about this.

A false diagnosis that led to...well I'll tell you next time.

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