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Why did I start this blog? #11

Why did I start this blog? #11

Chapter Eight: What hides in the darkness

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What was it that I was missing?

What was is it that I could not see?

I remember pondering over all my cases.

From my own relative, who as a result caused me to enter this work. (#1)

To a 19 year old girl who I thought had been possessed by countless Demons. Her body would twist up in all sort of ways.

To her husband who would come in and out of consciousness.

To a man who literally was ripping out the flesh from his own arms.

To a Muslim woman who, within an instant, switched from polite to "get the fuck out of my house!"

To a mother and her daughters shaking, shrieking, speaking with voices not of their own.

As I pondered these cases and everything they had told me. Directly and indirectly.

What they had confided in me before and after their sessions.

I began to notice an undeniable pattern.

Like a lighten bolt to the head I realised...

They had all, without exception, been victim of some form of abuse or neglect in their childhood...Trauma.

And it dawned on me, clear as day, that unless their trauma was acknowledged and healed, they stood little chance of living the life they needed to.

Ruqyah alone was not the complete solution.

I know of many cases where people have gone for countless sessions and spent thousands of pounds in the process, only to find little to no improvement.

And that's not because they have some BIG demon in them. It's because something very bad has happened to them.

You see, when you go through some form of trauma, especially in your early years. Those experiences shape your beliefs about who you are and about the world in which you live.

'the world is a dangerous place.'

And we act in accordance to our beliefs.

This is not always on a conscious level which means that they're not even aware of what their doing or why.

But until these beliefs are addressed and reformed, a person will act out in the world in a way that'll most likely bring about a negative outcome. Not just for themselves but also for those around them.

So now I knew what was missing from my toolbox for helping people.

I took on very specific training that would allow me to help those who have suffered Trauma in their lives as well as help them to then progress through life.

Although, truthfully, the training ended up helping me in my own life and relationships more so than anything else.

But that's another story.

Now through my studies I came across a diagnosis called D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

And it went on to describe exactly what I'd come to find in my own work.

It stated that people who'd suffered from Childhood Trauma would at times create a persona or multiple personas to protect the original persona.

The part that stuck out to me was "Childhood Trauma" because that's EXACTY what I'd found.

It always seemed odd to me that only traumatised people seemed to suffer with Demonic Possession.

Why was it never a person who had a correct upbringing?

Now you may be thinking, "this doesn't make sense. I know people who are possessed but they haven't suffered from Trauma."

I say to you, just because you don't know of it or they haven't chosen -for whatever reason- to confide in you. It doesn't make it any less the case.

I've tested this theory out many times now, and I'll share with you in my next blog a story of a Muslim sister who...well it's really bad...

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