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Why did I start this blog? #9

Why did I start this blog? #9

Chapter Six: Heartache

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I return back to my home town of Luton with a deep sense of optimism and purpose.

However, the year to come was the most difficult and heart wrenching years of my life.

But I won't get into that now.

Thinking about it, I'm not actually sure on how I was able to function during and after everything.

I certainly haven't the slightest clue as to how I was able to set up a Clinic not too long after.

I believe it was Allah alone who granted me the ability to somehow press forward despite how I felt.

Now, whilst setting up the Clinic I was also providing Ruqyah treatment.

The idea was that the Clinic would fund me financially so that I could keep providing Ruqyah for free.

I would continue to provide Ruqyah even when my Clinic was fully functioning and prospering.

I decided not to mix the two together as I wanted to keep my Ruqyah treatment undercover.

At the time I didn't publicise it and would request to those whom I'd treat that if they knew of someone who was also in need of treatment that they'd give me their number and I'd be the one to make contact with them and then request the same thing of them.

In my mind this was a hidden good deed that I hoped would show up for me on The Day of Judgement.

To be honest, the only reason why I'm sharing it with you now, is because I believe, after being advised, that many more could be helped by me sharing what I've learnt and experienced. I couldn't possibly get to everyone.

And In my opinion, those who provide Ruqyah Services and those who seek these services are completely unaware of a deeper problem that Ruqyah alone cannot solve.

There is a lot more going on than what is apparent.

I will share that with you in my next blog.

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