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Why did I start this blog? #8

Why did I start this blog? #8

Chapter Five: The BIG idea

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Now you may be asking the question, "But why did you return home? What happened?".

And that's a great question.

However, there's a whole other story behind that.

Which I will share with you at another point.

But for your peace of mind, I'll share this small part with you.

We were having problems in renewing our Visa.

And I had a feeling that things weren't going to work out.

I remember feeling worried and anxious because we had nothing to go back to.

One day, after the late afternoon prayer (Asr). I was sitting in the Mosque making dhikr (remembrance of God). I remember specifically looking for an answer to my worldly concerns.

Halfway through my dhikr I heard a voice so clean and clear.

Like someone was speaking to me but I was the last one left in the Mosque.

And it said, "Hijama."

Without hesitation, I got up and ran home.

Switched on my laptop and searched 'Hijama Cupping courses UK'.

I found an institution in England that was running a course out of Leicester University.

I signed up for the course. Flew out by myself, leaving my family behind in Qatar.

I wasn't even sure why I was doing this.

I guess I just wasn't going to ignore that voice. That really doesn't happen every day.

But within a few days of arriving. I knew what the reason was.

I remember going to see the institution's clinic, where the practical training took place.

I clearly remember looing around and thinking, "I can do this. I can own and run a clinic like this."

And that was it. This is what I was going to do.

So when I retuned back to Qatar I announced to my wife "We're going to open up a clinic back home!"

"...what?", she asked surprised.

So, I shared with her all that I had witnessed and experienced on my travels. And why I thought it'd be a good idea.

"Lets do it!", she agreed.

And that was it folks. WE HAD A PLAN...well at least some of it.

To be continued...

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