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Why did I start this blog? #15

Why did I start this blog? #15

Chapter Twelve: Overdose

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"I know someone who's suffering..."

"...Actually, it's a family friend"

"...Ok, it's my sister...she overdosed."

This was part of a conversation I had with a client who came into the clinic.

We got talking about mental health within the Muslim community.

And typically within the Muslim community, the discussion about mental health is usually followed up by a discussion on  Jinn Possession and Black Magic.

He believed that his sister was most likely possessed as her behaviour couldn't be explained.

And to further cement his belief, they had taken her to a Raqi.

Who, after playing just an audio tape, declared that his sister had Black Magic cast onto her.

I shared with him my experiences of providing Ruqyah treatment for many years and the understanding I'd gathered as a result of it.

He was surprised to hear that I worked with people, many of whom had been given the same diagnosis by a Raqi.

So I advised that his sister contact me and I'd try my best to help.

A long time passed by.

She called.

And, as expected she was going through a lot.

I truly feel honoured that she chose to confide in me.

After our conversation she decided that she'd like to work with me.

We worked together for many months.

Remedying the cause of her anguish and pain.

Which led to, what would be seen as, "abnormal behaviour".

I remember our final session. Where we both knew there was no more that she needed from me.

A joyous occasion.

I spoke with her brother and he confirmed, with amazement, that she had progressed and changed so much over the months.

Now what's the point of me sharing this with you?

It's to illustrate the ultimate consequence of being wrongly diagnosed with Jinn Possession or Black Magic.

It can lead to death.

Had the overdose succeeded.

She would not have been here with us.

Her family would be without a daughter, sister and auntie.

Would you like to know why she overdosed?

Because this Raqi had said that a family member had done this to her.

She was already upset and dealing with a lot and then to be told that one of her family members had done Black Magic on her...

It broke her.

And this guy/Raqi just casually said it after playing an audio.

He couldn't even be bothered to recite himself.

And yes, he charges for playing and audio and giving a false diagnosis.

But his casual utterance could have led a Muslim sister to taking her life.

And it was because of this case that I decided to speak up.

It cannot carry on like this.

Something has to change.

I hope and pray that I'm up to the challenge.


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