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Where to now?

Where to now?

I know that I haven't updated you in ages...sorry.

It's just that after my last blog, I wasn't too sure on what to do next.

We do have a massive problem within our community.

A problem of unacknowledged and unhealed Trauma manifesting itself at the worst of times.

Such as In the way we feel about ourselves, our relationships. In finding love. Parenting. Family. At work. At school. Uni.

I'd found that many who'd come to me for Ruqyah, upon digging a little deeper into their story, were all experiencing these sort of difficulties.

But where do we start?

At what point do we intervene?

And what I realised is that there isn't a complete framework for Muslims.

Especially for Muslims who grew up in broken, disrupted or unstable homes.

A framework that will help identify the root causes to why things in their lives may not be as they want them to be. From how they feel about themselves to the relationships they have etc.

And above all, placing our troubles within the context of our journey to Allah.

Because at the end of it all, that's all we're doing here. We tend to forget that. Myself included.

I'm going to attempt to put this together.

And as I'm developing and creating this framework I'll be sharing it with you.

What I would like, is for you to join me on this journey and help me along the way.

This could be done by giving me things to consider or by picking my brain.

Or at the very least, let me know in the comments section that you've read it.

(I need encouragement too you know!)

I will be sharing my findings, developments and updates with you every Saturday morning InshaAllah.

See you soon! And Ramadan Mubarak!!

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