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Why did I start this blog? #2

Why did I start this blog? #2

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As the Raqi began to read, I at first thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because I was sure I could see her foot begin to move.

Before I knew it, her foot was now in full rotation.

I kept my composure. I had to. I'm a man. I can't be seen to look concerned over a girl wiggling her foot.

But then something else began to happen.

Her head now started to rock.

Side to side.

Backwards and forwards.

And I could hear a faint whimper coming from her.

I shot a look towards the Raqi and he replied with a calming gaze, as which to say "Don't worry. This is normal."

So I maintained my composure.

Now her body seemed as though it was gripped my something.

Her body now began to shake.

And what was a light whimper had now turned into frustrated and agitated sound.

The Raqi began to recite louder.

She became louder.

He recited even louder.

I started to recite louder.

It looked like we were making progress!

And then...

"Ok, we'll leave it there. The session has ended.", the Raqi declared.

"Huh?? But we're only just making progress.", I said

"I'm sorry, we'll have to leave it to the next session.", he replied.

But we're only just making progress, I thought.

"So what's wrong with her?", I asked.

"She's possessed and has mostly been afflicted with Black Magic.", he replied.

I gulped...what?

I didn't want to take her back home with that 'thing' or whatever the hell it was inside of her.

I was scared.

But the Raqi insisted.

So we waited a few minutes for my relative to gain consciousness and we left.

Just before we left, the Raqi gave us an audio CD with him reciting Qur'an on it. He advised that she listened to it daily.

I thanked him with a half smile.

I didn't want to go back home. What if whatever that was came back? What could I do? I didn't know anything about this stuff.

We got home and everything actually seemed to be better. My relative seemed to feel better and we were all happy for her.

As the sun began to set and the night upon us, I felt some sense of achievement for having took my relative to her session and that I had also made it through without making a fool of myself.

Then I heard my wife call for me from the other room. She sounded frightened.

I jumped up and ran to her.

Only to find my relative on the floor wide eyed. Shaking.

To be continued...

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