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Why did I start this blog? #4

Why did I start this blog? #4

Chapter One: It began with Demons

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The previous evening left us all feeling a little unnerved.

So much so that I was looking forward to taking my relative to the Raqi's house for another session.

But this time there was no delay in her reaction. It escalated real quick.

Almost like whatever was there was now at the surface.

We sat down.

This time it was only me, my wife and relative. No uncle.

My relative assumed the position.

She sat back in her chair.

Eyes closed.

Hands faced palm down over her knees.

I remember taking a deep breath.

'Here we go again...', I thought.

The Raqi began to recite from the Qu'ran.

Instantly, her body began to writhe.

Upon noticing this quick reaction, the Raqi's began to recite louder with more intensity.

Her head was now moving from side to side.

He recited even louder now.

It felt as if the walls were shaking

I could hear her begin to mumble something.

Her mumbling became more and more. I couldn't make out what she was saying.

He continued to recite.

And then...

"STOOOOOP!", she screamed.

I felt a chill go down my spine.

That wasn't her voice.

It was...manly.

"What's your name?", the Raqi asked in a very stern voice.

No response.

"Who sent you?"

No response.

"Who sent you??!!"


He began to recite again.

Her body began to writhe again.

She looked in pain.

"OK OK!", it pleaded.

"Who sent you?!", he asked again.

"Isabella sent me."

"For what reason?"

It hesitated.

"For what reason??"

"To stop her from getting married.", it replied.

The Raqi looked at me as if to say "we're making progress.".

"You can't stay here in her. You must leave." the Raqi commanded.

"I can't. I must stay."

"If you insist on staying then I will have no choice but to keep reciting on you. And that hurts you, doesn't it?"


"Now leave."

"I can't."

The Raqi began to recite again.

The 'thing' was instantly in pain.

It pleaded with him to stop reciting.

But he continued.

I think he did this to make a point.

"OK OK I'll leave!"

"Ok, Bismillah (with he name of Allah) leave.", the Raqi instructed.

Now this is when things started to get a bit nasty.

Her body began to shake violently.

Her face went red.

She started to cough.

Like something was trying to come out of her face.

Her body looked like it was under so much pressure.

Like something was trying to be released.

Her eyes started to water.

Her nose began to run.

There was mucus and tears all over her lips and face.

She started to bring-up phlegm to her mouth.

The Raqi gestured to me that I give her the tiny bin next to her, which I did.

She/it held on to the bin and proceeded to cough and spit forcefully into it.

She was spitting out whatever was being brought-up into the bin.

"I can't. I can't leave. It won't let me.", it said.

"What won't let you?"

"The magic."

"Try again. You must try again."

She went quiet.

Then started to heave and shake violently.

Coughing up again.

I've never seen a body look under so much stress.

The face on her skin looked stretched.

And it looked like she was developing blood spots under her skin from the tension.

The Raqi looked at me and said that we'd stop there.

He waited a while. Quiet.

Then he instructed my relative to open her eyes.

She did.

She was exhausted.

Barely able to keep her head up.

My wife supported her.

"So what are we dealing with here?", I unwillingly asked.

"She's had magic done on her and she is possessed by Jinn (demon). It looks like whatever magic has been done is to prevent her from getting married but also to prevent the Jinn from leaving."

"So how long will it take before she is ok?", I probed.

"It could take a while but the Jinn will get weaker with time.", the Raqi replied.

This certainly did not happen but that's a story for another time.

We left with a sense of feeling defeated. Unsure.

Not too long after this, I head out to the deserts of the Middle East. Where, little did I know, my training in the Dark Arts would begin.

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